GSPIA wins the second Annual GSPIA-NPSIA Cup

The 2nd Annual GSPIA-NPSIA Cup took place on Saturday March 23rd and it was a great success! The competition was comprised of two events - a video game tournament at the Blurry Pixel, and a trivia competition at the Fox and Feather. 40 points were assigned to the game tournament, and the remaining 60 points were up for grabs at the trivia match. Both spectators and players also got to enjoy lots of delicious food, drinks, and good company as they cheered their schools on.

 12 competitors tested their mettle at the Blurry Pixel, first in a series of Mario Kart grand prixs, and then in a series of Super Smash Bros. elimination matches. Adam Kiesman, a GSPIA alumni, took the top spot in both competitions, taking all 40 points for GSPIA.

 Over 55 people then competed in either GSPIA or NPSIA teams at the trivia match. The first place team would take 30 points for their school, followed by 20 points for second, and 10 for third. When the dust settled and the points were tallied up, a GSPIA team took first place. This meant the tournament was over, and GSPIA had won the Cup!

 The Cup will now live on the University of Ottawa campus, until next year...